Kotche Barma

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  • Déggal ndigal i ñett, bàyyil ndigal i ñett.
  • Garab gu dul meññ du am yoon. Alternativley:
    • Garab gu dul tàbbal ay doom doo am aw yoon

Relating to the story of the four pigtails[Soppi]

  • Buur du mbokk. Alternatively:
    • Buur du mbokk, du jeneen.
  • Doomu-jittle du doom. Alternatively:
    • Doom jiitle du doom, xaré bu wafe-lë.
    • Doom jiitle du doom, ay la.
  • Jigéen, soppal te bul wóolu. Alternatively:
    • Jigéen ju ndaw, soppal te bul wóolu.
    • Soppal sa jabar, te bu ko wóolu.
  • Mag mat naa bàyyi cim réew.

Attributed to Barma[Soppi]

In the film Guelwaar the following is attributed to Barma:

  • "If you want to kill a proud man, give him what he needs to live everyday. In the long run you've made him a serf."